Our team has a wealth of experience in local TVC video production and web broadcast. From pre-planning, filming, post production and 3D animation. We provide customers TVC / MTV / documentaries / TV program / Architecture and urban planning / Product promotion / Professional training / various promotional activities of video production services. We provide visual solutions to communications challenges. we'll work with you to develope a strategy, formulate a message, and make a measurable financial impact.
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Movie Trailer
 A-1頭條 預告片重新剪輯
A-One Movie Trailer Re-make (youtube)
A-1頭條 原版預告片
A-One Original Movie Trailer (youtube)

與火同行 預告片重新剪輯
Fire Walk With Me Movie Trailer Re-make (youtube)
與火同行 原版預告片
Fire Walk With Me Original Movie Trailer (youtube)

鍾意冇罪 預告片1
Love is not a Sin Trailer (youtube)
鍾意冇罪 預告片2
Love is not a Sin Teaser (youtube)

飛行棋Plane Chess mv
按摩Massage mv


Promotional Video
LAN KWAI FONG Sex & the City night


崇正中學2010 TVC